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Patching Work Finishing Patching Work Process

Choose infrared patching for critical repairs

Is the glaring pothole on your pavement giving you a cause for worry? Don't let that bog you down anymore. Allow us to come to your aid with our infrared patching services, which is a

temporary solution to pavement failures and an alternative to cold patch asphalt.

  • Means of repair in a newly-installed asphalt overlay, where a raveled area can be heated and rolled so as not to create new seams

  • Repair of frost heaves

  • Elevation adjustments around valve covers and manholes

  • Bonding speed bumps to existing asphalt surfaces

  • Creating stamped patterns in existing asphalt for aesthetics

How infrared patching can help you

The process of infrared patching consists of heating up an area of pavement to make it workable, raking the existing asphalt material to cover any inconsistencies, and rolling to finish.


Rely on us to patch up your asphalt pavement to keep it in great shape for it to last changing weather patterns.

Hire us now for infrared patching services!



Keep your asphalt surfaces in top shape with regular maintenance and repairs with Midstate Parking Lot Maintenance.

Know-how of infrared patching services

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